About Me

Dean, texas, United States
Im me i dont really know how to describe myself im just a person u have to get to know but i can give a few details.Im loud outgoing and loves to be center of attention. I just turned 18 on march 27 and on March 25, 2007 i recieved the Holy Ghost and got baptized which was the most amazing thing and feeling that has ever happened to me. Its really hard to explain the feeling its just one of those things u have to find out on your own but other than that thats about it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Somthing I wrote for english

This is somthing i had to write for english i was just wandering if its any good cause i really didnt know i could possibly write somthing like this but the assignment was to write a paragraph at least 7 lines long and describe a place and time that is meaningful, that carries emotional significance or a memory that you connect with an event or person, particulary a place in nature.

Its between 6:00 to 7:00 in the evening. The sunset is absolutly remarkable. The sky is a yellowish orange color. There's a nice little breeze blowing from the east just enough for it to be confortable. I go out to the back porch and sit on the swing with my spiral and pen. Thinking about what i want to write. While im siting there I look off into the distance, by now the sky has a purpleish tint to it. From where im siting the site is magnificent, you can see on forever. Sitin here it makes you appreciate the beautiful things in life. It makes you realize that theres is a place in the world that is peaceful no matter what you are going through. What makes this experience more amazing is when this certain someone comes out and sits next to you. When they come out they don't say a thing. Its like the evening sunset has the same affect on them as it does on you. Its the most amazing feeling ever. Its just one of those times that you dont want it to end.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


emotion emotion runnin thru me
why do they exist just more things not to understand
why do i fell like this
never have i ever felt like this before and nobody knows but me
I dont understand
emotion emotion runnin tru me
can this be real
why is this happin to me
the person i want to see it doesnt
they look right thru me without a clue
emotion emotion runnin thru me
I guess this is the whole part of bein a teenager
this part is so hard to understand
i wish they could just see

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well things have been crazy since ive gotten back from hyc. Everything is fallin down hill again well ithnik it was doin that before i left but newaz everything is fallin apart agian but at the same time its gettin better which is weird maybe its cause i can actually look at the future and look forward to it which is carzy cause right now it just looks like alot of hard work but i still have that feelin that somthin amazing is goin to happen and usually when somthin bad happens first theres allways somthin to counter act with it so it doesnt bring you down to terribly much which thats happenin right now but i have this fellin somthin EXTRODINARY is fixin to happen so we'll just have to just wait and see but we really do need to keep goin and nto give up. i didnt really get to say what i wanted to say cause Rebecca froze me up LOl but thats okay. I didnt really know ive made such an impact on people me of all people thats crazy this experience has been the best one ive ever had in my life and I REALLY DO THANK ALL OF YALL OFR YOUR SUPPORT CAUSE I COULDNT HAVE EVER DONE IT WITHOUT YALL I MEAN if yall werent there tellme everything wasnt gonna work out for the better it wouldve never happened casue i would be sitin here dwellin on it and fellin bad instead of doin somthin about it and now i can just turn and laugh about thats what i was tellin jessica earlier that i cant believe that im happy right now and not i a bad mood its crazy cause ive never done this before and its exciting.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

late and had somthin to say

hey guys im so excited for hyc but who isnt. I really like the fact that yall actually talk to me because most people dont so all this is exciting for me. Im just kinda ready to grow up yall prolly would understand if yall knew and some of yall do. I just have this feelin pullin at me tellin me that i can help someone and make a difference in their life and ive never had that feelin before and even though i have people tellin me i cant do it and ill never amount to nothin and i get discouraged theres still somthin there tellin me dont give up cause youre not just given up on yourself youll be letin others down and thats whats keepin me motivated. but all i know is that im not quite stable yet but when i am i think i actually might be able to accomplish some incredible things and if and when i do me and jessica could like team up then some crazy things might happen but i dont know if she wpuld like to do that or not but somthins tellin me after this hyc trip im goin be different or somthin is gonna be and i know this prolly wont get read until after hyc so well see its kinda like a time capsule just to see how much youve gradually changed thats really what im tryin to do on my blog thingy is to see how much my thoughts have changed throughtout all of this but really i need yalls input on the bro bivens thing read the one right after this one if you havent and if you have spread the word because i still think if we do this somthin extrodoinary is going to happen so just let me jknow what yall think ive got to go to bed its like 11:53 pm so ttyl8r llllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaallllll :>

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I finally have somthin good to say :) LOL

Man this past week has been the worst roller coaster ride ever but thats okaay ive learned alot from things this week. yah but this mornins service was awsome it covered alot of points thats been going on through out this week it hit them on full speed with out stoppin which is fantastic and samantha that is so awsome two people in row somthin good is fixin to happen i can feel it and i know that im new at this but i can feel it and i already know jessica can cause shes already established that but god is watchin over us big time but the way our youth group is goin we can make a difference all we have to do is try and im gonna put this up as strickly a suggestion comin from someone that was an outsider and that never really experienced anything as great as this experience has been maybe we can help bro. Bivens with his burden cause i know from experience that alot of older people will listen more if they see youth involved as much as the adults are in church they think if a teenager can struggle through this an dget past the ridicules and still live for god than that maybe itll work for me but maybe if yall want to we go on a saturday with him and go and knock on doors i know that yall have probably done it before but ive been thinkin about it for a while now and i havent said anything cause i dont feel that it has been the right time and after this mornin and last sunday and wednesday i thought it was the right time for me to say somthin cause we all have been bringin guest and theyve been youth so maybe we can bring some adults possibly but think about it and tell me what yall think cause somthin is pullin at me about this and i feel if we do somthin similar to this or this same thing somthin extrodinary will happen cause yall see how church has been goin so just tell me what yall think and get back at me. lUUUUUuuv YAAAAAaaLll ;>