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Dean, texas, United States
Im me i dont really know how to describe myself im just a person u have to get to know but i can give a few details.Im loud outgoing and loves to be center of attention. I just turned 18 on march 27 and on March 25, 2007 i recieved the Holy Ghost and got baptized which was the most amazing thing and feeling that has ever happened to me. Its really hard to explain the feeling its just one of those things u have to find out on your own but other than that thats about it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

late and had somthin to say

hey guys im so excited for hyc but who isnt. I really like the fact that yall actually talk to me because most people dont so all this is exciting for me. Im just kinda ready to grow up yall prolly would understand if yall knew and some of yall do. I just have this feelin pullin at me tellin me that i can help someone and make a difference in their life and ive never had that feelin before and even though i have people tellin me i cant do it and ill never amount to nothin and i get discouraged theres still somthin there tellin me dont give up cause youre not just given up on yourself youll be letin others down and thats whats keepin me motivated. but all i know is that im not quite stable yet but when i am i think i actually might be able to accomplish some incredible things and if and when i do me and jessica could like team up then some crazy things might happen but i dont know if she wpuld like to do that or not but somthins tellin me after this hyc trip im goin be different or somthin is gonna be and i know this prolly wont get read until after hyc so well see its kinda like a time capsule just to see how much youve gradually changed thats really what im tryin to do on my blog thingy is to see how much my thoughts have changed throughtout all of this but really i need yalls input on the bro bivens thing read the one right after this one if you havent and if you have spread the word because i still think if we do this somthin extrodoinary is going to happen so just let me jknow what yall think ive got to go to bed its like 11:53 pm so ttyl8r llllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaallllll :>

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Linda Elms said...

Leslie, I love reading all about the change that's happened and happening in your life! You're a great girl and I love the smile and peace I see on your face. You looked radiant today when I saw you at the church! I know you're having a wonderful time at HYC. I can't wait to see what all happens through you. Remember this...."I cannot fail for there are those who trust me." I heard that when I was a teenager and have never forgotten it! See you when you get home. Love you!