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Im me i dont really know how to describe myself im just a person u have to get to know but i can give a few details.Im loud outgoing and loves to be center of attention. I just turned 18 on march 27 and on March 25, 2007 i recieved the Holy Ghost and got baptized which was the most amazing thing and feeling that has ever happened to me. Its really hard to explain the feeling its just one of those things u have to find out on your own but other than that thats about it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Somthing I wrote for english

This is somthing i had to write for english i was just wandering if its any good cause i really didnt know i could possibly write somthing like this but the assignment was to write a paragraph at least 7 lines long and describe a place and time that is meaningful, that carries emotional significance or a memory that you connect with an event or person, particulary a place in nature.

Its between 6:00 to 7:00 in the evening. The sunset is absolutly remarkable. The sky is a yellowish orange color. There's a nice little breeze blowing from the east just enough for it to be confortable. I go out to the back porch and sit on the swing with my spiral and pen. Thinking about what i want to write. While im siting there I look off into the distance, by now the sky has a purpleish tint to it. From where im siting the site is magnificent, you can see on forever. Sitin here it makes you appreciate the beautiful things in life. It makes you realize that theres is a place in the world that is peaceful no matter what you are going through. What makes this experience more amazing is when this certain someone comes out and sits next to you. When they come out they don't say a thing. Its like the evening sunset has the same affect on them as it does on you. Its the most amazing feeling ever. Its just one of those times that you dont want it to end.

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Billy and Michelle said...

This is beautiful, I love it!